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Sell My Paperweights


How can L.H. Selman Ltd. help me sell my paperweights?
Whether you are downsizing, changing your décor, clearing your assets, inheriting a collection, looking to trade up or simply have a change of heart, L.H. Selman Ltd. can assist you with advice and services to sell your glass paperweights or paperweight related objects. We pride ourselves in being the only auction house worldwide that specializes in glass paperweights and we are confident that we can offer you the best service and return for your entire collection. Details about selling a paperweight collection can be viewed here Selling Paperweights Video and are also explained below.

Are there any extra fees?
We have no photography, marketing, storage, unsold or buyer’s shipping fees. Handling fees may be added to return shipping costs under certain circumstances. Withdrawal fees, under the consignor agreement, may apply in the case of an unapproved withdrawal from auction.

Can you appraise the value of my paperweights?
L.H. Selman typically does not perform appraisals. Under very specific circumstances, one can be performed, but typically we will refer you to an expert paperweight appraiser.

What options are available to sell my paperweights?
We offer two options to sell your paperweights:

  • Direct sale: for a direct sale, we will offer a percentage of the current retail value payable as a lump sum. We will assess your collection and give you an estimated range for the direct offer. The offer will be finalized upon physical examination of the collection.
  • Consignment: for a consignment, we will review your collection and indicate to you what we are able to help you sell based on our minimum sales value and standard of quality. After signing a consignor agreement with us, a percentage of the sales price, as stipulated in your agreement, will be paid to you or your preferred beneficiary over several months to years, as your paperweights sell based on market demand.

Please select which of the two sales options you prefer and would like us to consider for your paperweights. If you are unsure of which method to use, we will gladly advise you.

How do I get started with selling?
Please send photographs of the paperweights that you would like to sell. The photos can be of groupings of up to six paperweights, from above or at an overhead angle, with good lighting and in focus (cellphone, tablet and digital camera photographs are highly recommended).

Please email your photographs to and mention your prefered sales option, direct sale or consignment. If you have more than three photographs to share, please upload your photographs to an online storage site like or, organize the photographs in a folder and share the folder’s link with us through our email. You can also proceed to our online submission form if you have information on your collection that you would like to share. Please click ONLINE SUBMISSION FORM to proceed.

If you do not have access to email or digital photography devices, please mail physical images to the gallery at 410 S. Michigan Ave, Suite 207, Chicago IL, 60605.

We will review your photographs upon receipt and respond to your inquiry within the shortest delay possible. Inventory shipped to L.H. Selman without prior approval will be returned at the owner’s cost at the discretion of L.H. Selman.

How does consignment work?
In a consignment scenario, your paperweights will be individually assessed to determine the best sales method and sales price. Your paperweights can be sold on our website, including other online platforms managed by L.H. Selman, at events, in our gallery or through one of our three annual auctions, so as to achieve the best results. We will send you the proceeds of a sale within the shortest delay, allowing time for the collection of payment from the buyer, a return period in case of cancellation and processing time to issue your payment. Details about selling a collection through consignment can be viewed in our Consignment With L.H. Selman Video and are also explained below.

What is your deadline for auction submissions?
Auction placement of paperweights is determined on a first come, first served basis, depending on space available. We generally select auction inventory six months in advance of each of our three annual auctions. Each auction is carefully curated so as to optimize the market value based on demand and your return, so a limited amount of spaces are available for every auction.

How do you set the price?
We use a minimum sales price to sell your paperweights. A minimum sales price, or reserve, is the value that you aim to receive from a sale, plus L.H. Selman’s commission at auction, and is based on recent comparable sales. You can suggest minimum sales prices within the consignor agreement document and L.H. Selman will review and adjust the suggestions based on current market trends. An option is provided to defer to L.H. Selman’s professional opinion of the market to set the minimum sales prices. The reserve is not revealed during the bidding phase of the auction; instead, market value estimates are provided to guide bidding.

What if my paperweights are damaged?
A loved collection can sometimes show some wear and tear. Damage can enhance or diminish the value of paperweights. It is possible to remove some types of damage through glass restoration by one of our preferred polishers. Each polisher is a master artist and the cost of polishing varies depending on the severity of the damage and the time spent on the restoration.

Following a physical examination of your collection, we will make recommendations as to which paperweights could benefit from restoration. The final decision to restore is up to you, unless otherwise noted in the consignor agreement. The cost of restoration will be deducted from the sales proceeds.

What happens to my unsold paperweights?
Paperweights that go unsold at auction will be made available for purchase at their reserve price for a short period of time immediately following the auction. If a paperweight still does not sell at the reserve price after the auction, you have the option of retrieving it or continuing the selling process as per the terms of consignment.

How often will I hear from you?
We will be in regular contact with you during the length of your consignment:

  • We will inform you of the lot numbers assigned to your paperweights ahead of auctions.
  • We may need to reach you to discuss final offers and adjustments to reserves during auctions.
  • If one or more of your paperweights sell, we will notify you ahead of sending your payment.
  • We are staffed seven days a week so that we can answer your questions at anytime.

Please inform us of changes of address, phone number or email so as to maintain a clear line of communication. Please remember to track and maintain your inventory records.

How will you protect my consignment?
We guarantee to protect your best interest and to make the best effort to sell your paperweights in the shortest delay possible. We also guarantee attribution and quality when offering your pieces for sale. Consignment storage is safe and out of public view. Your paperweights are insured by our gallery coverage upon receipt and for the duration of your consignment.

How do I add to my consignment if I am already a consignor?
If you are adding to an ongoing consignment, please submit photographs as described in the “How do I get started with selling?” section of the FAQs. We will review your photographs upon receipt and respond to you with a new consignor agreement. Inventory shipped to L.H. Selman without prior approval will be returned at the owner’s cost at the discretion of L.H. Selman.

What is the best way to send you my paperweights?
Packing/shipping/drop-off instructions and recommendations can be viewed here HOW TO SHIP PAPERWEIGHTS and will be provided after you sign your consignor agreement or accept our direct offer range. We highly recommend insuring packages for a value that makes you comfortable against loss. We recommend the United States Postal Service as our preferred domestic carrier and DHL as our preferred international carrier. Any duty and customs fees incurred by L.H. Selman will be deducted from the final offer or sales proceeds.

When can I visit you?
You can visit the paperweight gallery at 410 South Michigan Ave, Suite 207, Chicago, IL 60605, M-F 9a-5p and S-S by appointment. We highly recommend calling in advance for an appointment.

I still have more questions?
Email or call the gallery at 312-583-1177