That’s right, friends – as we all begin to stir from the long dark cave of winter, (not to mention the whole weird last year) the air is filled with celebration and the scent of freshly realized glass paperweights, ready to clothe the meadows.  In other words, it’s time for the LH Selman 2021 Spring Brochure, and if you’ve made a purchase from us during the last eighteen months, a collectible copy of this publication, filled with Marty’s exquisite photographs, will soon be sprouting in a mailbox very near you.

All the wonderful adjectives that describe this most hopeful of seasons are to be found in these freshly created avatars of design, color and craft, nestled in the pages, planted deep by all the usual suspects in the fine glass art weight pantheon.  Ready to take center stage are the dashing color harmonies and pointillist perfections of Michael Hunter and Damon MacNaught. Over from stage right comes the irrepressible joy of a children’s book brought to life by Clinton Smith – and sweeping in behind are the delightful and thought-provoking botanical explorations by Cathy Richardson, followed by the playful and attention-grabbing interpretations of California’s natural beauty above and below the waterline, that have become Mayauel Ward’s trademark. This is a performance worthy of Broadway, with something for all!  And wait until you see Melissa’s magnum of roses! Splendid performances by Gordon Smith, Chris Sherwin and others are impatiently waiting by the curtain for their cues.

And the centerfold for the Spring brochure is none other than Mr. Ken Rosenfeld, with an assortment of delightfully conceived and adroitly executed offerings to accompany his groundbreaking interview that is our latest installment in the Pop Bio Series.  Let’s see if we can unveil the man behind the myth behind the artist, or something like that! To read the full installment click “The Quiet Road Warrior”.

Finally, what would Spring be, without a little Spring Cleaning? Right!!  So there just might be a number of fine works with new Spring prices on them, available in the catalogue.  I know – what more could you ask for? In closing, we apologize for paraphrasing our booklet’s title without permission, from Mr. William Wordsworth’s excellent Ode to Intimations of Immortality.  We do believe that if he had only had the opportunity to see a paperweight, he might have written his ode just a little differently!

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