To start the year I wrote a letter that talked about change. Here we are 6 months into the year (how did that happen?) and I am again remarking on some changes to the gallery staff.
I am pleased to announce that we have just added a new member to the Selman team. Paul Berlanga started this week and has hit the ground running. Paul’s background is impressive and his enthusiasm for paperweights is inspiring. With over 18 years of experience at Stephen Daiter Gallery, of the foremost galleries in the country, the whole community has gained an ambassador who offers us a leg up in our effort to promote glass paperweights worldwide. I invite you to call the gallery to get to know Paul, who’s efforts will be directed at getting to know your collection so he can assist you as a personal curator.

On a bittersweet note, Mitch Clark, my brother and partner in the business for the last 7 years, has this month moved into an advisory role with the company. This change comes from a good place, and as a career choice, Mitch, his wife Colleen, and their beautiful 3 children, will relish this as this brings daddy closer to home through the week cutting a 3 hour daily commute to a mere fraction. I will miss seeing my brother daily, but thankfully my family is as close as they come. I will still have brotherly council and good times a plenty throughout my lifetime, so we are both happy and excited about the future. Mitch’s duties will now fall to myself and Penelope Turgeon, as a team we look forward to assisting sellers in finding good homes for their collections, all the while keeping you informed and instilling a sense of security that your valuables are in good hands.
Last but not least I am thrilled to announce the long overdue arrival of my life long friend Greg Hicks. Greg has for some time now been on our board of advisors assisting us to steer the ship from below decks. Coming from a background in economics and private equity, he comes with a set of skills that our business will benefit from now that he is available to us regularly. Greg visited Texas and Wheaton with me this year, I know whoever met him enjoyed his company as he brings a level of enthusiasm and joy for paperweights that he leaves in his wake. (apologize for the boat metaphors, Greg also like’s to fish!)
Well that’s it, so much activity in a month has left me looking forward to this auction with great anticipation. Helping you add to your collections and vicariously experiencing the happiness each addition brings, is what keeps me ticking. I have a passion for paperweights and love this community. I am forever grateful for the trust you all show this business when we interact and look forward to continuing on this course for many many years. (another boat pun!)
-Ben Clark

One thought on “Staff Changes at Selman

  1. Hi Ben

    Exciting times ahead for you all. Pleased Greg is on board , say Hi to him from us .
    looking forward to meeting Paul some time as well.

    Its hard to believe I am already looking at the flights for next year in VA.
    Best wishes to you and Mitch for the future.

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