Regarding a Lamentable Lapse at the Highest Level!

(Never Trust Pro-Bono Lobbyists—
Their Hearts Just Aren’t In It.)

While the 2018 State of the Union Address is recently behind us, there is one upcoming event of national importance that went entirely unmentioned …

You Guessed It –


Here to right that wrong, we—the five person, hand-selected team at the L.H. Selman Ltd. paperweight party headquarters are busy defending your inalienable rights to love glass! To that end, we are announcing our Winter 2018, 68th Glass Paperweight Auction, featuring 336 lots, antique and modern artworks, including choice paperweight-related objects (wait until you see Lot 120!). Initial Bidding will be broadcast live (so to speak) starting at 9am CST on Tuesday, February 20th. Initial bidding ends on Monday, March 5th at 5pm CST by phone and at 11:59pm CST by Internet. Gloves come off and competitive bidding begins Tuesday March 6th. For any questions about the auction process please contact us in the gallery at 800-583-1177, or email Paul via

The auction is fully online, hosted on our AUCTION WEBSITE. A web friendly digital e-catalog can be viewed at E-CATALOG, while a printed copy of the catalog (gorgeous, informative and printed in the USA!) is for sale at PRINT-CATALOG. During initial bidding, when you see an artwork that catches your eye, you may place a bid of ten dollars or more, in order to ensure that you have secured a position in the competitive bidding on that lot in the second half of the auction. (It’s a smart move and…it’s perfectly legal!) We recommend that you give the catalog’s Conditions of Sale a careful examination for a full understanding of the protocols, some of which have been updated. And don’t hesitate to just give us a call to enquire about our unique auction format or for condition reports. You can also make an appointment to view the auction in person at our gallery in Chicago, 410 S. Michigan Ave., suite 207. We would love to see and meet every one of you (not on the same day)! Please bring your Independent Glass Party voting stub for a bonus – your picture taken with D.J. the Wonder Dog and chief of art glass security. If you prefer to place any or all bids by phone, or have any questions, we’re at 1-800-538-0766.

We are also constitutionally obliged to describe the beauty of the offerings in Auction 68. From rare antiques hailing from every major glass house to cutting edge (yes, we know) contemporary works from individual studios, we have very carefully chosen, photographed, described and organized 336 items that we feel proudly pass muster and join the ranks of first-rate offerings from a glass administration working hard to earn your support for another term. Watch this space for forthcoming public information—vetted descriptions filled with the unvarnished truths—enthusiastic exposés, one after another detailing the beauty, splendor and straightforward appeal of some of the finest glass sculptures available. Best of luck to you in the upcoming auction, which is open to you as a card-carrying member of the party. And remember, when it comes to the importance of art glass in your lives, we strive for transparency!

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