Hello, all glass art and paperweight lovers—


We at the Selman Gallery would like to create something a little different for the next edition of our 15- month Calendar and Price Guide.  We want to create an attractive document that that will not only give you images of beautiful fine glass paperweights, with the days, weeks and months of the year(s) as reference—but a calendar that will also inform, delight and remind you of interesting chapters in the history of the art form.

What we need from you is a verifiable date, or a day of the year  (or a week or a month) special in the history of glass and especially glass paperweight history.

It can be a birthday of a well-known artist, or a famous collector or the date an artist opened his or her own studio.

It can be the date when the highest price ever paid at auction for a paperweight was realized.(The name of the auction house also, please…)

It can be the date (and year) that the Corning Museum of Glass or the Great Exhibition of London opened or the date that the historic “Flowers That Clothe the Meadows” exhibition began.

It can be the date if you can find it off when the English Crown changed the punitive trade law, which began to allow the English glass houses to compete with the French.

It can be the date Truman Capote died with “The White Rose” weight, given him by Colette, on his bedside table, and / or the day that Colette allowed Capote to visit her, arranged by her friend and his acquaintance, Jean Cocteau.

It can be the date that King Farouk had to abandon his throne, leaving behind his famous collection and the date of that sale.

If we receive word in time and it is fairly certain that the date will not change  – it can be the current date of important fairs, such as Wheaton or Norfolk or the Houston PCA, etc.  Or it can be the date of the founding of a particular PCA.

It can be the dates of inventions or advances in glass technology, (i.e. the date dichroic glass    was patented.  The date Clichy opened a factory in Clichy.  The date that …you get the idea!

Again, even if you only know the month and year in which something historic or interesting happened we might be able to work with that…  So start scratching your heads and give us your input.

Thank you in advance for your participation!

Paul Berlanga
Molly Rindfuss

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