As the world fixates on politics and current events, we need to take a moment and remember what is truly important in life. We need a cause we can ALL get behind— a movement worth all the letters and phone calls and late night tweets you can muster – and a communal quest that can reunite this great country in the process.

That’s right – we need to see Paperweights on our United States Postal Service stamps. Lick it Loud and Stick it Proud! (Sorry about that – but you get the idea!)

Rick Ayotte Paperweights International Paperweights International Paperweights Gary & Doris Scrutton American Paperweights

Here are some ideas from the Selman archives for what all our beautiful glass treasures could look like, spreading the word about Glass Paperweights – that most complex and rewarding of glass art forms, the old-fashioned way – on letters!

Why, this could reignite an interest in penmanship all by itself, and it has been shown through testing that intellectual development is aided by the hand-eye-mind coordination that is involved in the “simple” act of writing.  So how about it?  Let’s salvage the cognition and coordination of our grade school students starting right now, and in the process put beautiful images of paperweights in front of everyone who can still read!  Drop us a line with your thoughts and ideas!

And don’t forget to call your elected representatives!

We have to Stick Together!

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