As we go gently careening into Fall, we notice that there’s a bit of strange excitement in the air, what with summer vacations to exotic European locales having so quickly wound down. And over there one hears the welcome peal of school bells off in the digital distance. Things feel a little different. Rumors abound.  And lately the Weather Channel has been more exciting than Netflix!  Something unusual is in the offing…

What, you cry, is “afoot”?  What does it all portend?  Well…the answer lies with the United States Postal Service.  That’s right, Patriots – it is all about your impending copies of the official LH Selman “Autumn Glass Harvest” which will provide food for both the eye and the soul, as well as bring you all the pleasures of a summer getaway for this and for every season yet to come!  This Harvest is replete with fresh paperweight produce from many of the finest artisanal glass studios in the country—and also includes some gourmet European treats.  That’s right, they’re making glass good enough to eat.  (But please don’t; we still can’t find our copy of The Glass Extraction Guide 2004.)   

So check your mailboxes and get these mouthwatering paperweight menus into your hands, filled as they are, with tasty offerings—and order your favorites quickly as each serving is one of a kind.  You might also act with alacrity, because all the digital mailboxes in the paperweight community will be right behind you in receiving the catalogues in their cybernetic slots.  Enjoy 22 pages of finely selected treats, mostly warm from the oven.  Maybe (no promises) we can get Damon MacNaught, who loves to bake fresh bread for his family (and they DO have a farm!) to throw in a loaf with every one of his specialty millefiori creations.  And we asked Michael Hunter to prepare a recipe for his favorite style of Haggis to be included with each of his perfectly harmonized fields of color.  The list of gourmet glass artists in this brochure reads like an Avengers roll call, and no wonder—they all have super powers in the studio!  There are orbs by Cathy Richardson with wondrous etching, and new short stories painted in glass by Alison Ruzsa.  Cornucopias of flowering plants blossom in all directions by David Graeber and acutely observed landscapes from the desert to the water bottom represent Gordon Smith. Ken Rosenfeld checked in with a quartet of gems including a stunningly charismatic seahorse, while the aforementioned Hunter shows off his new tropical pet, the elegant toucan.   You know all the other names whose works we are grateful to be able to offer you, including Mayauel Ward, Clinton Smith and Chris Sherwin and others.  But time and space being what they are – “we must away ere break of day,” as JRR Tolkien would say…  

And last but not least – don’t forget to examine our back cover this issue; we could be featuring YOU!  


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