D A R T H   G R A E B E R  :  E P I S O D E  V 

“C R E A T I N G   W O R L D S   I N   F L A M E!”

Dave Graeber arrived in Chicago this cool April weekend and claimed to us that he was here to oversee the installation of the first (5!) permanent flame work stations at the non-profit Project Fire Studio. He is also giving the first demonstrations utilizing the new units, and making certain that certain safety guidelines and protocols are understood and followed. (Apparently fire gets really hot.) The issuing of several sets of specific equipment, including special glasses will also reinforce the lessons of careful use and responsible stewardship upon individual trainees.

Dave is aided in his task by a donation made on behalf of the Glass Paperweight Foundation. The donation provided funds for the necessary torches, tanks, glass, equipment, wood for the benches, and the special “PF” monogrammed after dinner mints.

But the true motive for his visit began to unravel, as Dave broke down and began to tell the whole sordid story.  Yes, he (as we’re writing) is at the PF Studio teaching the art of glass and guiding young lives but that is not really why he’s here.

Dave Graeber came dressed as a full-blown Starship Stormtrooper.  At least that’s how he wanted to appear in our gallery before making headlines at the massive Star Wars 20th Annual Convention at our lakefront McCormick Center!

But tragically he proved too big for his son’s outfit and he was forced to come in his other disguise, that of an ordinary Earthling.  That hasn’t stopped him, however, from making some strange new friends from other planets (see picture). How Dave has managed to also find time to create some of his own little worlds in glass is beyond us.  Maybe a little help from a “Dark Father” and his abuse of The Force? Hey! Suddenly we can’t breathe…Sorry, Darth, we were just kidding!!!

We can’t wait to see how he shows up in Dearborn for the PCA Convention!

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