Racing the Clock!


“Spring Ahead” never had so many meanings around here. We’re now open seven days a week! In addition to setting clocks, we find ourselves balancing creating the next auction catalogue with executing multiple upcoming events and activities, a couple of which are actually just behind us.

In the third week of March, as the dust was just settling on Auction 68, Ben hit the road to attend the Oklahoma PCA meeting in Tulsa where he teamed up with Damon MacNaught to man the Selman booth. They enjoyed a rousing response to Damon’s newly offered weights–each of course created in an edition of 1/1. (Remember that the next time you hesitate!) We still have a select group, by the way…

Additionally, we attended the April 7th meeting of the Midwest Paperweight Collectors in Long Grove, Illinois where we filled in members on our gallery’s plans and events, some of which are covered below. Brand new president Joan Parsley opened the proceedings. Nancy Alfano hosted an identification clinic with Lynn Harper turning up with some very elusive items. Keith Lange displayed some weights with very elaborate doorknob bases. And it was good to see Bruce and Kathryn Giangiorgi and the rest, but we’ll leave it off there since the MPC has its own newsletter!

Next, we’re traveling to Michigan’s Flint Institute of Arts, combining forces with Joan Parsley, to record interviews with the Director of Development Kathryn Sharbaugh, and other museum personnel, about the museum’s increasing involvement with paperweights. The FIA has just published Paperweights: Highlights from the Flint Institute of Arts Collection to accompany “Small Worlds,” a beautiful overview of the art of the paperweight, drawn in large part from their recently enhanced permanent collection and supplemented by loans from well-known contemporary artists. Auspiciously, the museum’s first paperweight was a gift from studio glass pioneer Dominick Labino.

Meanwhile, Ben is finalizing plans for the Selman booth at the Wheaton Paperweight Fest 2018. Along the way to New Jersey, we’ll be delivering the marvelous millefiori table collaboration that Damon MacNaught initiated and helmed, which brought spirited bidding as Lot 120 in Auction 68. At Wheaton, stop in and say hello to Mike and Sue Hunter, who will be assisting us in our booth and answering any questions you may have about their works. Nearby on Thursday at noon, MPC president Joan Parsley will be hosting a memorial melt of some of her father’s weights in the hot glass shop. The MPC itself will be hosting a Meet & Greet that day. And while examining the paperweights in our booth and talking with us and the Hunters, be sure to pick up a reminder about the biennial “Celebrate the Paperweight” festival in Chicago!

Speaking of “Celebrate the Paperweight”…

In Chicago at our beloved and landmarked Fine Arts Building—this year, in addition to the guest artists (final roster to be announced) and other planned activities (sadly, the potato sack race has been cancelled, although both the taffy pull and apple bobbing are still scheduled) we are reaching out to explore something new. Two local organizations have caught our attention. ART Reach (with the helpful Director of Development, Marie Tempels) and Healing Hurt People Chicago (Dr. Bradley Stolbach) have joined forces to sponsor the program, Project Fire. Project Fire is helmed by Pearl Dick, a respected glass artist. All of these people bring together extremely at-risk youth with the opportunity for education and training in the glass arts, including (you guessed it) paperweights! We look forward to highlighting their efforts and possibly even working with them during the September weekend event. And yes, there will be an evening at the Columbia Yacht Club! Stay tuned!

We were about to say be sure to check your calendars for both The Paperweight Fest as well as the “Celebrate the Paperweight” BUT you don’t have to, do you – because it’s already clearly marked on your current Selman calendars. Remember to send us interesting and pertinent dates in the world of glass and glass paperweights to include in next year’s L.H. Selman Fiftieth Anniversary Calendar!

Welcome to the L.H. Selman 2018 Winter Auction #68


List of Reserve Prices for Unsold Lots

Click Here for Auction Website

As you may know, the auction is fully online, hosted on our AUCTION WEBSITE. A web friendly digital e-catalog can be viewed at E-CATALOG (also above), while a printed copy of the catalog (gorgeous, informative and printed in the USA!) is for sale at PRINT-CATALOG. For those of you who have enjoyed watching spin videos of featured pieces, they can be accessed via our YouTube Channel.

Initial Bidding will begin at 9am CST on Tuesday, February 20th. Initial bidding ends on Monday, March 5th at 5pm CST by phone and at 11:59pm CST by Internet. Competitive bidding typically continues during initial bidding, but officially begins Tuesday March 6th. (initial and competitive bidding explained below) For any questions about the auction process please contact us in the gallery at 800-583-1177, or email Paul via

During initial bidding, when you see an artwork that catches your eye, you may place a bid of ten dollars or more, in order to ensure that you have secured a position in the competitive bidding on that lot in the second half of the auction.) We recommend that you give the catalog’s Conditions of Sale a careful examination for a full understanding of the protocols, some of which have been updated. And don’t hesitate to just give us a call to enquire about our unique auction format or for condition reports. You can also make an appointment to view the auction in person at our gallery in Chicago, 410 S. Michigan Ave., suite 207. We would love to see and meet every one of you (not on the same day)! Please bring your best smile for a bonus – your picture taken with D.J. the Wonder Dog and chief of art glass security at the gallery. If you prefer to place any or all bids by phone, or have any questions, we’re at 1-800-0766.

(We can it call the Almost Springtime Auction if you would feel more comfortable…) Anyway we’d like to give you all a playful peek into a handful of the highlights and bright lights of the next carnivalesque melee we refer to as our slow close auction (we Are getting faster) and get you to forget about going to work or eating breakfast and instead just focus on which jewel-like art glass works you will suddenly realize you have to have to successfully continue on Life’s proper path. Seriously – if you are reading this you’re already in agreement that art is as important to the soul as bread (whole grain, no GMO, no bleaching) is critical to the body!

This is just a capricious hint of a preview – with 336 auction lots we can only offer a random handful of quick glimpses of what’s going to be available.

We also provide a good number of extremely helpful spin videos, which show the weights rotating in slow motion of a full 361 degrees. Yes, you read right, 361, because we bring an extra degree of effort to everything!

So let’s get to it, shall we?

Peace in Wartime

Rare antique Baccarat 1848 white and red stardust carpet ground paperweight. Est.

Rare antique Baccarat 1848 white and red stardust carpet ground paperweight.
Est. $15,000—20,000

Lot 1. It is fascinating that such a precious and splendid object as this antique Baccarat 1848 white and red stardust carpet ground paperweight, was created during the greatest revolutionary period the world has ever seen. It feels perfect holding it today–imagine the respite it provided about 170 years ago when heads were rolling! At that moment the now famous Gridel silhouettes were scarcely a year or two in existence, but many of them grace this peaceful glass landscape with carefully positioned and finely delineated animals. The stardust flow gently around the canes like sea grass in an undulating current. Their red centers advance the sense of movement like minute sparks of electricity. There is a vibrancy to this calmness. Even the multi-colored signature/date cane seems unusually vivid and crisp. This is an outstanding example of an antique paperweight.

From top to Bottom

Rare antique Saint Louis four-panel close packed millefiori paperweight.

Rare antique Saint Louis four-panel close packed millefiori paperweight.
Est. $16,000—20,000

Lot 2. This antique Saint Louis formal design has on display an impressive variety of finely wrought complex canes assembled for your most orderly garden, one that you would never allow your friends to step foot in, but you might let them hold carefully in their hands. The complex center cane feels alive with those tiny bugles announcing the immanent arrival of royalty. For those of you with a really sharp eye for color, there seems to be a record number of subtle tones in this work. Descriptions with names such as coral and pistachio are applicable here. A very carefully considered arrangement of canes delicately fills each of the garden segments; each quadrant is precisely groomed with a pair of perfectly tapering cobalt, coral and white twists. Even the base of this weight is gorgeous, with the final row of millefiori drawn ever thinner to coalesce into a single pinpoint. Ask us for an image of the base – you’ll be very impressed!

Patriots can do more than throw a Football!

Very rare antique New England Glass Company sheaf of flowers and fruit on swirling latticinio magnum paperweight.

Very rare antique New England Glass Company sheaf of flowers and fruit on swirling latticinio magnum paperweight.
Est. $8,000—12,000

Lot 3. We’re again blessed with fine and rare examples of classic artworks for this outing. Word must be getting around we’re here to stay! (Don’t forget the gallery turns 50 next year!) Next up is a piece that could be called “Boston Strong!” American-made Yankee ingenuity, much of which we acquired somehow from our European cousins. Anyway, they did an outstanding job here. This “superb magnum” sports not only beautiful clematis, apples and blushing pears, but also an almost mathematically perfect double swirl latticinio. What supreme handcraft workers were capable of long before the cold faux perfection of so much that is mass-manufactured today. As you would all agree, there has always been an inimitable warmth to the hand-made.

And from our kinfolk who played opposite the Patriots…

Antique Bacchus close concentric millefiori paperweight.

Antique Bacchus close concentric millefiori paperweight.
Est. $9,000—12,000

Lot 4. No, we’re not referring to the victorious Eagles, we mean our irritable cousins from across the big pond that took exception to our yearning for independence. But since we’ve all been friends again ever since the Beatles conquered Ed Sullivan and America, I can without hesitation celebrate the virtues of this classic Bacchus weight, with its trademark color palette (no one does teal like Bacchus) and iconic canes. This weight has an exceptionally fresh look with a certain airy comfort within which the tubes and stars seem almost to float a little. Americans can take pride in owning this weight – it’s mostly reds, whites and blues!

They can do anything you can do, Better!

Rare antique Baccarat three-flower bouquet paperweight.

Rare antique Baccarat three-flower bouquet paperweight.
Est. $8,000—10,000

Lot 6. Fightin’ words I know. But that’s what happened when the French looked at the early weights being shown off in the Venice area. They took a good idea and made it theirs and then they made it great. Bragging rights are assured when one looks this thoughtfully constructed and unusually heavy weight. The maker here was particularly conscious of the interplay of positive and negative spaces. And the white double clematis, the Type II primrose and the Type I pansy elegantly unite as paperweight royalty in this star-studded offering. You’re lucky the French let this get out of their country. Of exceptional subtlety are the two top petals of the pansy; they exude radiant purples, lavenders and wine-colored reds. And the primrose petals boast translucent scarlet centers. Gorgeous – nearly edible!

This should come with its own magnifying Glass

Antique Clichy rose and millefiori mushroom double overlay faceted paperweight.

Antique Clichy rose and millefiori mushroom double overlay faceted paperweight.
Est. $7,000—9,000

Lot 8. Seriously, the roses in this Antique Clichy are so elegantly crisp in this work they deserve the closest inspection! This is a sumptuous production with the delicate mushroom topped off with a handsome coat of uniformly sized flowers and florets of harmoniously tinted colors. The rich cobalt over white double overlay adds class and style while the grid-cut base presents something of an under-lit dance floor in appeal.

This could have been from the Medici Family Collection…

Antique Clichy millefiori quatrefoil garland paperweight.

Antique Clichy millefiori quatrefoil garland paperweight.
Est. $6,000—8,000

Lot 10. Wow. This weight sports the richest, velvety blood red we’ve seen in quite some time. Of course this makes the blues, whites and greens jump in contrast as if they were levitating a micron off the ground. The blues are particularly lush in this paperweight. Wish you all could see this in your hands, but then we feel that way about all our offerings. This Clichy has a decadently rich, opulently plush feel.

Look down at the Stars!

Rare antique Baccarat close packed millefiori stardust mushroom paperweight

Rare antique Baccarat close packed millefiori stardust mushroom paperweight
Est. $4,000—5,000

Lot 15. Yes now you know what mushrooms that pepper the forest floors and celestial bodies of burning gas a billion light years away have in common. It is this rare antique Baccarat stardust staved mushroom boasting a delightful and generous variety of millefiori bursting up and out from the cap! The generous glass dome on this hefty art work projects an almost hallucinatory size differential!

It’s okay to behave like Animals

Antique Baccarat interlaced millefiori trefoil garlands with Gridel silhouettes paperweight.

Antique Baccarat interlaced millefiori trefoil garlands with Gridel silhouettes paperweight.
Est. $4,000—5,000

Lot 18. Here is an elegant and airy double trefoil wherein a half dozen animals in silhouette are quietly behaving, each having been granted its own lovely pen of both white and green and white and red millefiori. This is a lovely piece nicely proportioned, with a fortress cane at the center with an all-star (get it?) honor guard presiding over the tiny zoo that surrounds it.

Selling snow in the Winter

Rare antique Clichy close packed millefiori on sodden snow in stave basket paperweight.

Rare antique Clichy close packed millefiori on sodden snow in stave basket paperweight.
Est. $1,500—3,000

Lot 21. We hesitate to fully describe this so maybe we’ll just say it’s a lighthearted cluster of both simple and complex canes of every color shape and design you can think of, all under the same roof…I mean dome. Okay, okay, it’s on sodden snow! Lovely, wet, sodden snow. That may sound appealing by August – or not, but don’t let that dampen your enthusiasm! This is a lovely antique, corralled by a ring of complex canes with alternating red and white staves supporting it all.

Yes, good things still come in small Packages

Antique Clichy close concentric millefiori miniature paperweight.

Antique Clichy close concentric millefiori miniature paperweight.
Est. $1,000—1,500

Lot 50. Skipping way too far ahead, (but what can you do with an embarrassment of riches and a limited time frame??) we have a delicious little mini, one of several in this auction for those of you lamenting space considerations in your display cabinets. If you can’t fit this on your shelf – you probably can’t even close your cabinet door. This mini Clichy stretches just 1 3/4 “ in diameter but visually it punches way above its weight. It must; it jumped out at me from a field of beautiful glass works! Starting with the restrained beauty of the central white and green rose this little dense pack of complex and pastry mold canes has a very natural quality. Squint and you could be looking out your window at a corner of a royal garden.

All you need to decorate an entire Room!

Antique Val Saint Lambert ruby overlay fancy-cut faceted paperweight.

Antique Val Saint Lambert ruby overlay fancy-cut faceted paperweight.
Est. $1,000-1,200

Lot 71. I would expect to find this fancy-cut translucent overlay extravaganza on the desk of the owner of the finest hotel-saloon that San Francisco had to offer back in the days of the Gold Rush. This and Lot 70, really should be purchased by the same person. I can’t say enough about them; they’re very different but wow, what a pair they would make! Between the ruby richness and the cascading light play and the ornate elegant cutting, they could preside over a high-class soirée all by themselves! Don’t take our word for it – call for multiple views, and you’ll see we’re absolutely not exaggerating.

“But, you can’t just live in the glorious Past…
There are living artists to feed!”
(In other words we’re moving on to contemporary weights)

A complete garden that requires no Water

Paul Stankard’s 2013 goat’s beard, pod and honeybees orb.

Paul Stankard’s 2013 goat’s beard, pod and honeybees orb.
Est. $4,000—6,000

Lot 78. It will however demand your careful attention. Paul Stankard’s wizardry is on full display in this 2013 magical realm of lifelike buds, blossoms, branches and bees. You should really view the spin video of this. Casual visitors to the gallery look at us to see if we’re pulling their leg with a weight such as this when we say it’s all solid glass within solid glass. But you know…

You can’t not look at This

Chris Buzzini 1992 red roses fancy-cut faceted paperweight.

Chris Buzzini 1992 red roses fancy-cut faceted paperweight.
Est. $800—1,200

Lot 90. Talk about demanding attention! This Buzzini is not to be ignored, shimmering from every angle. This piece (from an edition of 15) offers an exquisite pair of roses in bloom but the glasscutter deserves equal billing on the marquee!

Better than real Life?

Melissa Ayotte 2008 red rose bouquet paperweight.

Melissa Ayotte 2008 red rose bouquet paperweight.
Est. $500—700

Lot 96. Almost better. Melissa’s bouquet of the lushest most romantic red roses and attendant bellflowers is so sumptuous that even if you’re a satisfied single man, you’ll want to meet someone special just to be able to offer this as a gift. We take pride in our photography but these are noticeably brighter than we could capture with the printing inks in our catalogue. Gentlemen – photograph yourselves holding this on your dating site and have multiple phone lines ready!

Meet the runner-up for a career with GEICO

Rick Ayotte 1992 “Red Salamander in Marsh” paperweight, from the PondLife series.

Rick Ayotte 1992 “Red Salamander in Marsh” paperweight, from the PondLife series.
Est. $1,200—1,600

Lot 115. This happy little salamander in a friendly marsh is so bright it is almost iridescent. Its head is lifted as though he just heard you looking at him. A colorful and lively tableau from Rick Ayotte in an edition limited to 50.

Make sure you have a Coaster!

Damon MacNaught 2017 open concentric millefiori on latticinio inlaid wood table.

Damon MacNaught 2017 open concentric millefiori on latticinio inlaid wood table.
Est. $5,500—6,500

Lot 120. We rightfully give a full page to this handcrafted triumph in the catalogue. Damon MacNaught, with the help of Andrew Najarian and wood artist Stephan Micheletto-Blouin here offers a stunning example of pushing the envelope in an art form. This magnificent collaboration has resulted in a table. A table like no other, since the tabletop surface is unique. There are to date, two such works, noticeably different as far as the millefiori on latticinio, but then Damon strives for each work out of his studio to be unique. The table also has a tilt function that allows a vertical viewing option. This art table could finish a room setting in a way that will make you want to embed all your weights in your furniture. This is serious glass with abundant class. Consider the envelope torn apart!

We know you have limited time so we’ll just say we have a wonderful variety of works by most of the names that come to mind in the field of contemporary fine art paperweights, including a half dozen gems each by Debbie Tarsitano, Victor Trabucco, Bob Banford, Mayauel Ward, Charles Kaziun, Deacons, Saint Louis, Baccarat, Lundberg, and many others – you get the picture! We’ve time to run just a couple more past you!

Hallelujah or is it Alleluia?

Ken Rosenfeld 2015 arching bouquet paperweight.

Ken Rosenfeld 2015 arching bouquet paperweight.
[Est. $700—1,000

Lot 139. Either way there is a transcendent quality that is exuded by this masterful work. Ken’s arching bouquet truly radiates a sense of well-being and the melon slice faceting completes the celebratory visual with sunshine-like rays emanating in all directions. Ask for more pictures.

Worlds within Worlds

Cathy Richardson 2014 “Carved Wild Rose” upright sand-carved paperweight.

Cathy Richardson 2014 “Carved Wild Rose” upright sand-carved paperweight.
Est. $1,400—1,800

Lot 175. Cathy Richardson, as many of you know is not only a master glass artist insofar as what goes into her weights. She is a world-class designer and sculptor of the outside surfaces of her weights, etching, carving and sanding her visions onto the glass that cradles the treasures within. This one will take a dozen photographs to give you an inkling of an idea of what this accomplished beauty has to offer… Make every attempt to see this in person. No, we won’t pay your way to get here.

Okay Glass Lovers we think that’s about all you can take – so that leaves well over 300 weights for you to discover on your own, either when you get the catalogue in the mail or by perusing it online. Contact us with any questions and thank you for your time and attention, and the best of luck to all of you in the upcoming auction!

Wrapping Up a Wild Week

The Spirit of the Moment!

It’s been quite the seven days! Last week began with Monday, September18th, which was the final day for the auction, GLASS FOR LIFE, an artist-driven affair of the heart initiated and led by Dave Graeber.  The auction resulted in $12,690.00 being raised in 48 hours of bidding—with 100% of every dollar realized (sent directly by the winning collectors) going to relieve the suffering and damage caused by Hurricane Harvey and also Hurricane Irma.  Organizations benefitting include CERF+, UNICEF, the Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts, The American Red Cross and Catholic Charities of Houston-Galveston.  Thank you, everyone, involved!

Then we cascaded along the next few days to our anticipated special event, “The Spirit of the Moment,” a weekend honoring the glass artistry of Alison Ruzsa. It included an exhibition of the artist’s recently arrived works, champagne toasts, shipboard dining on the Lake, and culminating in a well-attended live studio glassmaking demonstration, co-sponsored by the Midwest Paperweight Collectors Association.  There were great conversations, new faces to welcome and of course, more good food and toasts to wind up the day.  Several attendees went home with a new glass tableau by Alison to add to their paperweight collections.

We thank Alison, known not only for her unique storytelling style in multi-media glasswork but for her quick, dry wit, which always enlivens our discussions. A big thank you goes out to Nancy Alfano who helmed her visit as well as to the Midwest PCA who co-sponsored the demonstration. It was great to meet Lita and Marshall Weinstein and their friends from the Midwest Contemporary Glass Art Group, who came to witness Alison’s skills as she created beautiful new romantic illusions in glass before their eyes. Alison could not have done this without the skills and service of Sharon Gilbert, owner of the Talisman Glass Studio. Sharon not only shared her studio; she spent the entire Saturday afternoon alternating movements with Alison as they shared tasks and techniques in what amounted to a nimble dance of craftsmanship.

And yes, it was a bit warm in there-but we wouldn’t have missed it.  Check our website for available works by the artist as well as more of her story.  Until next time!

L.H. Selman Ltd. 66th Paperweight Auction



List of Reserve Prices for Unsold Lots


We Proudly Present

Our Own Glass-Fire(d) Works!!

Initial bidding begins Today, Wednesday, July 5th, 2017..  Click this sentence to be routed to the auction website where you can place your bids. The last day to place initial bids is Monday, July 17th, 2017, at 5:00 pm CST. The auction is fully online, hosted on our Auction Website, which will be live soon.  A web-friendly digital e-catalog can be viewed at E-CATALOG, while a printed copy is for sale at PRINT-CATALOG.  If you see something to your liking, please do not fail to place an initial bid to ensure that you secure a position in the competitive bidding that follows in the second half of the auction.  Competitive bidding begins Tuesday, July 18th at 9 am CST.  We recommend that you give the catalog’s Conditions of Sale a careful examination for a full understanding of the protocols or give us a call to inquire about our unique auction format.  You can also make an appointment to see every lot in person!  If you prefer to place any or all bids by phone or have any questions, just give us a call at 1-800-538-0766.

As always we are happy to provide extra images by email as well as to talk with you over the phone about a paperweight while it’s in our hands.  (We’ve tried printing out extra views for regular post but the printer’s inks and paper available don’t allow for quality reproduction.)  Select lots (including many in the first 20) in this Summer ’17 are available for viewing as spin videos. These rotating visuals are especially helpful for some of the more complex weights.  Just give a call!  312-583-1177 or 800-538-0766.

And yes, of course, the weight you’ve been looking for is in here somewhere (forgive the bad puns and hyperbole today). So in light of the fact that we have in this auction 77 antique and 264 contemporary paperweights, bottles, and marbles we’re limited here today in what we can cover.  Let’s set the tone with a few excellent examples from the abundance of choices.  These weights not only offer beauty and the highest degree of artistry and craftsmanship but also a sense of well-being.  And that may be their true gift!

Please refer to the catalog for full descriptions of the lots for the following…


LOT 1. The first entries in the auction are most often from those three venerable French houses, Clichy, Baccarat and St. Louis. BUT this time—the No.1 spot (patriotic drumroll) goes to the Yankees at the New England Glass Company! (Yes, we know half their workers were from France and Great Britain – just play along…)  This NEGC bouquet on latticinio faceted paperweight boasts an arrangement of very dimensional and multi-tiered clematis in several colors with numerous finely variegated leaves.  Stems and a delicate yellow ribbon gather all together to complete the arrangement.  “These superb three-dimensional beauties rank among the best of all paperweights produced by the New England Glass Company, and in fact, the best produced by any glassworks.  They made very few of these…no duplicates exist.  Their quality is such that they probably served as presentation pieces given to important personages. “—The Art of the Paperweight-the Boston & Sandwich and New England Glass Companies.  Featured in a special exhibit at the Bergstrom Mahler Museum in 2014-2016.

Extremely rare magnum antique New England Glass Company bouquet on latticinio faceted paperweight.

Extremely rare magnum antique New England Glass Company bouquet on latticinio faceted paperweight.


Beautiful hues of the color blue play both major and notable supporting roles in the first several lots this time around.  According to one of the 3 million plus entries on the all-knowing Internet,  “Blue is the color of the sky and the sea.  It is often associated with depth and stability.  It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven. Blue is considered beneficial to mind and body.”  Maybe you can’t buy love, but looking below, it seems as though all the other good things are up for bidding!

LOT 5. Here we have a gorgeous antique Baccarat interlaced millefiori trefoil garlands in blue double overlay faceted paperweight.  Two interlaced trefoil garlands create a perfect space for the central arrowhead cane, with an outer ring of white stars, ringed by a red bull’s eye-centered-white stardust.  Blue-over-white double overlay, with traces of sterling from a stencil indicating gilding.

Antique Baccarat interlaced millefiori trefoil garlands in blue double overlay faceted paperweight.

Antique Baccarat interlaced millefiori trefoil garlands in blue double overlay faceted paperweight.

LOT 15    The antique Clichy interlaced millefiori quatrefoil garlands paperweight that you see here continues nicely on the theme of blue as a restful, positive sensory experience.

Antique Clichy interlaced millefiori quatrefoil garlands paperweight.

Antique Clichy interlaced millefiori quatrefoil garlands paperweight.


LOT 20 As we cast our eye around over our current “embarrassment of riches” there is another holiday that comes to mind. This artwork seems to hold the promise of a charmed life to the lucky bearer of this glass firework, filled as it is with shamrocks (7, of course) and the symbolically beneficial butterflies. We all know St. Patrick but did you know that many cultures associate the butterfly with our souls? Around the world, people view the butterfly as representing change, hope, and life.

Here we have a rare antique Baccarat concentric shamrock and butterfly millefiori on upset muslin faceted paperweight.

“These are weights of power and impact whose design must have taken considerable thought.”—The Encyclopedia of Glass Paperweights, page 56

Rare Antique Baccarat concentric shamrock and butterfly millefiori on upset muslin faceted paperweight.

Rare Antique Baccarat concentric shamrock and butterfly millefiori on upset muslin faceted paperweight.


Remember that all 77 antique as well as the 264 contemporary paperweights have been carefully chosen and presented to provide a balanced and intriguing selection. This auction is a wonderland populated by exotic creations: Lot 14 features a stoic, antique camel; Lot 21 dazzles with a lush pink and black dahlia, Lot 26 seduces, with a gorgeously ethereal green serpent sporting eyes that would make you eat any apple, Lot 69 is a hallucination: a seldom-seen ghostly sailing ship with a tiny red flag atop its mast. There is, of course, a host of other lovingly conceived and rendered items, including fruits and flowers and faces! Many of these are embedded in, embellished with, or embraced by lush leaves, swinging swirls, gorgeous grounds, twisting torsades and magnificent millefiori. And all these carefully crafted artworks provide a much-needed sense of well-being and balance in today’s world!


LOT 69 The very rare antique Millville frit sailing ship from the C. Frank Kireker Collection. A white frit schooner, with sails, fully deployed, floats on blue water over a clear, footed base. “But the most ingenious paperweights at Millville, were those upright scenes derived from iron or steel dies and made by Michael Kane. In paper-thin colored glass pictures as delicate as if they had been etched, Kane shows…a yacht, a clipper ship…in a superb series of vignettes that sets the pulse to beating with chauvinistic nostalgia. These large, clear, heavy handsome weights come plain, footed, on pedestals, and occasionally, as with the clipper ships, in pairs that were probably used as mantel ornaments.”—The Encyclopedia of Glass Paperweights, page 240.

Very rare Millville frit sailing ship pedestal paperweight.

Very rare Millville frit sailing ship pedestal paperweight.


As often is the case we begin our contemporary selections with the Dean, Paul Stankard. If you are a Stankard collector, you may want to clear out another room in the house because this time around we just happen to be able to offer a mini-treasure trove (a term mathematicians know equals 16).

LOT 79 portrays an elegant interplay of blue convolvulus morning glories lying on a sandy ground beside smaller yellow blooms with delicate petals. Berries and foliage complete the composition with the network of stems.

Paul Stankard 1984 Blue Convolvulus morning glories paperweight.

Paul Stankard 1984 Blue Convolvulus morning glories paperweight.


Tired of rising at 3 a.m. to catch a glance of that redstart or blue tit?

Yes, us as well. So what a relief to realize that we have in the auction aviary from Rick Ayotte, a dozen or so birds that will always wait around ‘til 8 a.m. when you start to make coffee like a normal human being. Why they’ll even let you pick them up and stroke them!

LOT 112 is a charming example. An American redstart atop a branch of orange tiger lilies. Surrounding them are petite buds and green leaves, layered with another cluster of tiger lilies.

Rick Ayotte 1986 "American Redstart with Tiger Lilies"compound paperweight.

Rick Ayotte 1986 “American Redstart with Tiger Lilies”compound paperweight.


LOT 144 That’s right! We congratulate Victor Trabucco on his museum retrospective—Glass Within Glass: The Magic of the Trabucco Studio, on view at the Burchfield Penney Art Center through September 17th, 2017. It features the paperweight artistry of Victor, David, and Jon Trabucco.

But, if you can’t get there, we just happen to have a half a dozen beautiful examples ready for your home from over two decades of Victor’s achievement; the works range from 1981 to 1999.

Featured here; 1983 strawberry and blossom upright faceted paperweight, from the C. Frank Kireker Collection.

Victor Trabucco 1983 strawberry and blossom upright faceted paperweight.

Victor Trabucco 1983 strawberry and blossom upright faceted paperweight.


LOT 162 Bob Banford’s daffodil bouquet magnum faceted paperweight. This is simply too joyful an explosion of high-spirited nature not to show you. Spring eternal… and what also makes this piece stand out so is the dimensionality from the excellent faceting.

Bob Banford daffodil bouquet magnum faceted paperweight.

Bob Banford daffodil bouquet magnum faceted paperweight.


LOT 179 That’s right folks! You say you just ran out of the room at home and don’t know which of your favorite collecting themes to indulge in? This charming trio of elements by Colin fits nicely as the frog, fruit, and flowers complement each other well in size, palette, and placement. Nature should always be in such harmony.

Colin Richardson 2013 poison dart frog paperweight.

Colin Richardson 2013 poison dart frog paperweight.


Lot 264 Danny Salazar, who worked in our booth at the Norfolk PCA like a champion—exudes southern California, and it’s completely in evidence here. This carefree beta fish leads a completely left coast lifestyle, floating in a gentle pastel sea.

Daniel Salazar / Lunberg Studios 1987 beta fish compound paperweight.

Daniel Salazar / Lunberg Studios 1987 beta fish compound paperweight.


We do wish we had time and space to spotlight all of the talented artists whose work appears in the auction but then that’s why you have the auction catalog, don’t you? You must have read somewhere by now that the human brain (and heart?) responds much better in the areas of cognition and retention from examining printed matter on paper, than when reading the same information on a computer screen. Enough said!

In Auction #66, most of the Usual (talented) Suspects are all here: Gordon Smith, Clinton Smith, Chris Buzzini, D’Onofrio, Debbie Tarsitano, Cathy Richardson, Charles Kaziun Jr., Drew Ebelhare, Damon MacNaught, Paul Ysart, William Manson, and Francis Whittemore—among many others including post-classic and modern weights by the Scottish and French houses, as well as works from some American studios such as Orient & Flume. We admire all these artists and are proud to have them as friends and associates. We regret not being able to feature works by each of them here, but you should really see our beautifully printed catalogs, where Marty Susmaras has coaxed and caressed truly attractive and dimensional images into being, that become a permanent record for all the artists!


You may have to really roll up your sleeves this time to get a David Graeber, Mayauel Ward, Eric Hansen, Mike Hunter, James Shaw, or Melissa Ayotte (among others) because we were only able to obtain 1 weight by each artist for this auction! So fight hard and play nice!


LOT 335 So because we can’t choose a favorite from the all-star team above to close out with, we’re going in a different direction and leaving you with an eye-grabbing marble filled with abstract millefiori rods and star canes by Karuna Glass…or was that your guess?!

Karuna Glass abstract millefiori rods and star canes marble by Doug Sweet.

Karuna Glass abstract millefiori rods and star canes marble by Doug Sweet.

Finally, we thank you for your time and just want to say to those of you who may not have seen the card insert in our “Glass in a Class by Itself” booklet –


There is little that compares to the thrill of collecting. Over the centuries we have expressed our desires for culture by surrounding ourselves with increasingly sophisticated examples of beauty and refinement. The finely crafted paperweight represents the epitome of the art of sculpture in glass. It requires imaginative artistry, extreme craftsmanship, military discipline, endless patience, and just a touch of luck— in each and every handmade objet d’art.”

Thank you and good luck in the auction!

Ben, Penelope, Marty, Paul and Molly.

L.H. Selman Ltd.

Save the Date!!

Hello, all glass art and paperweight lovers—


We at the Selman Gallery would like to create something a little different for the next edition of our 15- month Calendar and Price Guide.  We want to create an attractive document that that will not only give you images of beautiful fine glass paperweights, with the days, weeks and months of the year(s) as reference—but a calendar that will also inform, delight and remind you of interesting chapters in the history of the art form.

What we need from you is a verifiable date, or a day of the year  (or a week or a month) special in the history of glass and especially glass paperweight history.

It can be a birthday of a well-known artist, or a famous collector or the date an artist opened his or her own studio.

It can be the date when the highest price ever paid at auction for a paperweight was realized.(The name of the auction house also, please…)

It can be the date (and year) that the Corning Museum of Glass or the Great Exhibition of London opened or the date that the historic “Flowers That Clothe the Meadows” exhibition began.

It can be the date if you can find it off when the English Crown changed the punitive trade law, which began to allow the English glass houses to compete with the French.

It can be the date Truman Capote died with “The White Rose” weight, given him by Colette, on his bedside table, and / or the day that Colette allowed Capote to visit her, arranged by her friend and his acquaintance, Jean Cocteau.

It can be the date that King Farouk had to abandon his throne, leaving behind his famous collection and the date of that sale.

If we receive word in time and it is fairly certain that the date will not change  – it can be the current date of important fairs, such as Wheaton or Norfolk or the Houston PCA, etc.  Or it can be the date of the founding of a particular PCA.

It can be the dates of inventions or advances in glass technology, (i.e. the date dichroic glass    was patented.  The date Clichy opened a factory in Clichy.  The date that …you get the idea!

Again, even if you only know the month and year in which something historic or interesting happened we might be able to work with that…  So start scratching your heads and give us your input.

Thank you in advance for your participation!

Paul Berlanga
Molly Rindfuss

Winter 2017 Auction Reserve Prices Available…

List of Unsold Lots Availble at their Reserve Price



List of Unsold Lots Availble at their Reserve Price

For a limited time unsold lots from the Winter 2017 Auction are availble at their reserve price. This is a buy-it-now event, lots can be instantly purchased. The above link is to a LIST of the reserve prices posted to dropbox. We recommend using the list alongside the digital copy of the catalog posted for easy reference. You can also go directly to the auction website and click the tab RESERVE PRICES to take any action or peruse what is availble directly on the auction website. Continue reading

Rare fine-art paperweights to be auctioned here

Rare fine-art paperweights to be auctioned here

Among the rareties in the upcoming auction are Paul Stankard’s 1984 Morning Glories, at left; an antique Baccarat blue primrose star-cut paperweight from the Rubloff Collection, top right; and a Baccarat Napoleon III with red and white torsade faceted weight, also from the Rubloff Collection.

Rare paperweights, many from the 19th century and held in private collections by prominent Chicagoans, will be auctioned off this week.

Continue reading

Paperweights sold by the Art Institute of Chicago…


View LOTS via 


GOING ONCE (to the collection of famous Chicagoans including Arthur Rubloff and the Potter Palmers), GOING TWICE (to the permanent collection of the Art Institute of Chicago, SOLD! to a lucky bidder who now owns a piece of Chicago history

L.H. Selman, Chicago, the world’s premier dealer of fine art glass paperweights, hosted a live auction in Chicago this past Saturday, with bidders worldwide, online, by phone or absentee bid, selling close to 400 works of glass art originally owned by Arthur Rubloff, the Potter Palmers, Ella Grace Burdick and Lucy K. Kretchmer, and until several days ago, held in the permanent collection of the Art Institute of Chicago. The combined hammer price for each paperweight sold by the Art Institute of Chicago will be given to the museum for the purchase of artwork. 100% of the net profits from the buyers’ premiums will be donated to the Glass Paperweight Foundation for their discretionary use to provide scholarships and purchase equipment for artists who are in need.

Buyers from as far away as Munich Germany were attendance at this standing room only event. It was a rare opportunity for enthusiasts to purchase paperweights that were created during the coveted classical period (1845-1860) in France at Baccarat, Clichy and Saint-Louis, as well as many outstanding examples of contemporary art. The offerings exceeded the expectations of all attendees, some of whom traveled from Canada and all over the USA to attend. Online and phone bidders participated worldwide.

There has been renewed interest in the delicate art of the paperweight since the redesigned Arthur Rubloff Paperweight Gallery, showcasing more than 800 paperweights, reopened in 2012. It is one of the most visited galleries in the Art Institute. Many of the paperweights presented at auction were near duplicates of those on display.

For more information about L.H. Selman and future auctions on the calendar, please call (312) 583-1177 or visit

Winter Auction is Live

Winter Auction begins March 1st
The Auction is Here!

To begin placing bids click HERE

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To receive a printed price guide catalog click HERE , or renew your subscription for the next 3 auction catalogs by clicking HERE

The last day for Initial Bidding is March 14th for this sale. With so many amazing paperweights to choose from for this auction the selection process was very difficult. As usual we made an effort to feature a little bit of everything so that no matter the collection we hope to have something that is a good fit. We are particularly excited about our top end antiques this auction, some very rare pieces from some outstanding collections. We also have some whimsical pieces, and of course, modern pieces from our cherished artists. Our auctions are a hybrid unlike any other, one that allows a budget conscious bidder to have an equal foothold against those that do not, so if you haven’t tried it out yet please email so we can help get you started.

New Paperweight Auction coming February 29th!

New Paperweight Auction coming March 1st

Selections from the Winter Auction

There are several extraordinary antique weights, a few fun surprises and, as always, an outstanding selection of contemporary artists’ work. For a sneak preview of what is for sale give us a call anytime at 312-583-1177.
The Last Day for Initial Bids will be March 14th, bidding will commence March 1st.
The auction catalog has gone to press. To order your catalog click HERE. To renew your catalog subscription, click HERE.