Appendix I

Perthshire Special Yearly Editions

The number after each description is the edition size, where known.


Crown: Red, white, and blue twists surround a millefiori cane center. 350


Dragonfly: A lampwork dragonfly encircled by millefiori canes and set in clear crystal. 500

Flash Overlay: A pattern of six florets set on a clear star-cut base with a ruby flash overlay. iVIillefiori colors vary. 150


Overlay Bottle: Amethyst flash overlay on a faceted bottle with millefiori base. 300

Faceted Pansy: Lampwork pansy surrounded by a garland of millefiori canes set on a lace or upset muslin ground. Colors vary. 350

Ribbon: Colored upright ribbons meet in a center cane containing one small rose cane. 150

Cushion: A complex pattern of millefiori canes with lace twists on a cushion base. Colors vary. 250

Christmas Holly: A lampwork sprig of holly leaves and berries set on a bed of white muslin. 250


Dahlia: A lampwork flower with four layers of pink petals set in faceted crystal. 200

Faceted Cushion: Patterned millefiori with lace twists. Colors vary. 300

Miniature Flower: Small lampwork blossom set in a basket of canes. 1000

Christmas Mistletoe: A sprig of mistletoe surrounded by a garland of green and white canes and set on a brilliant red background. 300


Sw an in the Pond: A hollow faceted weight featuring a small lampwork swan. Faceted. 250

Flower on a Basket: A five-petaled blue clematis with green leaves and stem on a latticinio bubble. 300

Close Millefiori: A variety of complex close packed millefiori canes set in clear crystal. 400

Faceted Carpet Ground: Five silhouette canes on a carpet ground with a ruby-colored base. 350

.Miniature Flower: A small five-petaled flower in clear faceted crystal on a strawberry-cut base. 600


Scattered Millefiori: Spaced concentric millefiori canes on a deep cobalt blue ground. 500

Flow er and Buds: A white clematis with dark tips on stem w ith two white buds, on a lilac ground. 350

Bouquet: A lampwork dragonfly hovers over two clematis flowers and a pansy tied with a yellow ribbon and set on a clear waffle-cut ground. 300

Garland: Patterned millefiori design centered on a flower silhouette cane and set against a brightly colored opaque cushion. 350

Double Overlay: Closely packed millefiori canes set against a deep amethyst ground w ith a purple and white double overlay. 300

Christmas Robin: A colored portrait cane of a robin on a crown of green and white twists. 325


Tudor Rose: A magnum weight containing a large lampwork rose with spiraling stalk and leaves surrounded by a ring of millefiori and set on a cobalt blue ground. 400

Penguin: A hollow-centered, faceted weight with a pale blue flash overlay featuring a penguin on an ice floe. 350

Millefiori Circlets: Six millefiori clusters surrounded by a garland of canes set on a brightly colored cushion. Colors vary. 400

Butterfly: A large multicolored butterfly surrounded by a garland of millefiori canes and set on a brightly colored serrated cushion. 450

Overlay Bottle: .Millefiori bottle with translucent overlay of deep blue or emerald green, faceted to show the pattern in the base. 350

Christmas Flower: A white rose and bud set in clear crystal with top facet and star-cut base. 350


Forget-Me-Not: Four intricate millefiori canes form a nosegay set on a pale yellow-green lat- ticinio cushion. 400

Miniature Overlay Butterfly: A millefiori and lampwork butterfiv with a double overlay. 500

Miniature Faceted Flower: A blue and white striped flower set in clear crystal and encircled by a ring of pink millefiori florets. 400

Magnum Cushion: A bed of close packed complex millefiori canes on the lower level visible through a window in the top layer of millefiori rings. One top facet. 300

Moss Ground: Three concentric rings of moss canes separated by two rings of complex florets. 300

Christmas Flower: A red lampwork poinsettia on a clear ground surrounded by a ring of alternate green and white millefiori canes. 350


Miniature Nosegay: Three millefiori flowers set on four green leaves and centered on a swirling pink and green latticinio cushion. 400

Plums: A miniature faceted weight with three Damson plums on a clear strawberry-cut base. 500

Overlay: A triple overlay of yellow, white, and pink encases a lampwork flower set on a star-cut base. 400

Rooster: Two-layer cushion weight with a large rooster portrait cane seen through a window of canes surrounded by a pink cushion ground. 350

Patterned Millefiori: Six-petaled millefiori flower with patterned millefiori border on translucent color ground. Colors vary. 400

Carpet Ground: Seven portrait canes featuring various animals, flowers, and birds rest on a carpet of identical canes. 400

Christmas Bells: Fine pink and and white millefiori canes arranged in the shape of two bells set on a translucent ruby ground. 325


Patterned Millefiori: A circlet of petal-shaped canes surrounded by two garlands of complex florets and set on a translucent color ground. One top facet. Colors vary. 350

Heather: A small sprig of Scottish heather set on a cobalt blue translucent color ground surrounded by amethyst and green millefiori canes. 500

Bluebell: Three Scottish bluebells set in clear crystal on a star-cut base. Faceted. 350

Bouquet: A spray of three lampwork flowers and a bud set on a black ground. 350

Overlay: A looped garland of canes encloses six portrait canes set on a blue ground with a blue anti white double overlay. 250

Miniature Flower: A red, pink, or vellow double clematis and bud in a basket of millefiori canes. 400

Christmas Holly: A sprig of holly and a circle of green millefiori canes are set on a white ground with an overlay. 325


Sunflower: A border of green lampwork leaves and millefiori blooms encircles a golden sunflower set on a burnt amber ground. 350

Blue Silhouette: Close concentric millefiori center surrounded by four portrait canes and set on a cobalt blue ground. Faceted. 450

Miniature Overlay: Upright pink flower on strawberry-cut ground with blue-over-white double overlay. 400

Garland: Seven portrait canes surrounded by loops of green and blue complex millefiori canes on an opaque ruby ground. 400

Seal: A faceted translucent ruby overlay hollow weight containing a performing circus seal. 400

Overlay Bottle: A translucent amber or blue flash overlay bottle with a flower in the base and a matching bud in the stopper. 500

Bouquet: Five lampwork flowers set in clear crystal on a star-cut base. 450

Christmas Angel: A portrait cane encircled by millefiori stars on a cobalt blue ground. 325


Rose and Bud: Pink lampwork flowers set in clear faceted crystal over a star-cut base. 300

Overlay Rose: A lampwork rose and bud on a star- cut base with an apple green flash overlay. 200

Floral Overlay: A blue lampwork flower encircled by buds with a garnet color ground and flash overlay. 300

Fruit: A pear, orange, lemon, and plums set in a latticinio basket. 350

Swirl Weight: A complex millefiori central cane surrounded by a three-color swirl. 300

Miniature Flower: A central sunflower surrounded by five tiny millefiori nosegays and set on a color ground of ruby or blue. 450

Garland: Five portrait canes representing old- time transportation are surrounded by garlands of millefiori and set on a white latticinio ground. 400

Sailing Boat: Patterned millefiori and latticinio spokes on lace surround a portrait cane of a sailing boat. 300

Fish: A faceted weight containing three tropical fish surrounded by blue-green seaweed. 400

Christmas Candle: A red lampwork candle on a sprig of holly set on a latticinio ground underlaid with red, blue, or green. F aceted or unfaceted. 300


Miniature Swirl: A pink flower with six leaves on a white latticinio swirl over an amber base. 350

F low er and Millefiori: Lampwork flower with six panels of patterned millefiori on a translucent color ground. Colors vary. 250

Aquarium: Pink seaweed, a seahorse, a fish, and a crab are set in clear crystal. Faceted. 350

Blue Gentian: A blue lampwork flower on horizontal latticinio with a border of millefiori. 400

Acorns: Oak leaves and acorns on white latticinio. Faceted. 300

Crown Weight: Pink or yellow lampwork flower on latticinio cushion surrounded by spokes of blue, green, and white latticinio twists. One top facet. 200

Bees: A clear honeycomb faceted weight with several honeybees which appear as a sw arm. 200

Amber Overlay: Close packed millefiori with amber-over-white double overlay. 250

Royal Wedding Crown: Red and blue crown weight with the Royal Wedding date in a cane center with crown portrait cane. 145

Royal Wedding Feathers: Prince of Wales feathers and wedding date cane with patterned millefiori and bell silhouette canes. 288

Christmas Silhouettes: A series of five Christmas portrait canes w ith complex center cane and border set on a deep green ground. 300


Millefiori F lower: A five-petaled bloom with patterned millefiori on a translucent color ground. Colors vary. 300

Flamingo: A flamingo in a pond with water lilies is seen through a single top facet. 300

Garland: A white lampwork flower surrounded by six concentric millefiori clusters on a translucent garnet ground. 300

Star Pattern: Tiny, tine millefiori arranged in a large star pattern with all-over faceted sides and a star-cut base. Clear ground. 300

Cushion Ground: Five nursery rhyme and cartoon portrait canes on cobalt blue with a millefiori border. 300

Spray: Five pale pink lampwork flowers surrounded by stems and buds on a blue ground with all-over side facets. 300

Pompon: Deep pink lampwork flower with ruby flash overlay and ground. 300

Double Overlay: Five-flower lampwork bouquet on star-cut base encased in blue-over-white fancy- cut double overlay. 300

Christmas Shepherd: A shepherd with a lamb set against a dark ground and encircled by millefiori canes with a single top facet. Green or brown cloak. 350


Close Millefiori: .Many tightly packed millefiori canes set on a dark ground and surrounded by a torsade. 300

Posy Ring: A circle of florets on a white latticinio ground surrounded by a ring of yellow and blue canes. Faceted. 300

Carpet Ground: A blue petaled flower set on a carpet of pink canes with a border of patterned millefiori. 300

Bouquet: Three lampwork flowers encircled by two rings of millefiori canes and set on a clear grid- cut base. Faceted. 300

Water Idly: A faceted weight containing a pink water lily and a small lampwork butterfly. 300

Ducks in the Pond: Three ducks in a hollow faceted weight with apple green flash overlay. 300

Millefiori Flower: A three-dimensional yellow flower set in a pattern of millefiori canes and spiral twists. 300

Gingham Weight: A multicolored lampwork bouquet encased in a gingham overlay, fashioned after the famous Saint Louis gingham weight. 25

Flolly Wreath: Green leaves with bright red holly berries form a wreath tied with a green and red bow set on lace. 350


Flower Pot W eight: Three pink flowers on a blue base surrounded by a crescent of canes. 300

Millefiori Petal W7eight: A petal pattern with spiral twists set in canes on a translucent ground. Faceted. 300

Caterpillar: A high-domed faceted weight with a caterpillar or inch worm on a bed of leaves. 300

Floral Spray: A blue or red flower and buds on a white latticinio ribbon base. 400

Ribbon Weight: A yellow flower head set on a ribbon pattern w ith gold flecks in the twisted canes over a blue background. 300

Squirrel: A squirrel on a branch set in a hollow weight overlaid in amber. Faceted. 200

Red Petal Flow er: A red flower set on a latticinio basket inside a ruby and white double overlay. Faceted. 300

Christmas W eight: A Christmas rose with poin- settia blossom and holly in clear glass, faceted. 350


Miniature Floral W eight: A red or blue flower on a white latticinio base. 400

Flow ers: Three petal flowers and a ring of canes set in clear faceted crystal. 250

W ild Pansy: A ring of millefiori canes surrounds a pansy set on a translucent base ot blue, ruby, green, or amethyst. 350

Dahlia: An upright dahlia-type flower in pink and white on two layers of leaves. Faceted. 300

Scottish Broom: A spray of Scottish broom on a dark base. Faceted. 350

Triple Overlay: A blue and white group of flowers with a blue, w hite, and pink triple overlay. 250

Polar Bears: A polar bear and cub are set in a hollow weight overlaid in ice blue. 300

Christmas Candle: A red, green, and white crown weight containing alternating red, green, and white twisted canes interspersed with white latticinio canes surrounding a portrait cane of a candle. 300


Millefiori: A close packed millefiori design set in clear crystal. 400

Bouquet: Lampwork flowers surrounded by a row of millefiori canes set on a brilliant red, green, or amethyst ground. 300

Dragonfly: An upright lampwork dragonfly perched on a leaf is set in clear faceted cry stal with a star-cut base. 300

Strawberries: ‘Iwo strawberries with leaves, buds, and flowers set in clear crystal with a strawberry- cut base. 300

Large Bouquet: A multicolored bouquet with leaves set on a deep blue ground. 250

Mushroom Weight: A green double overlay cut with five small windows reveals a complex millefiori mushroom. 250

Golden Dahlia: Four layers of petals form a large dahlia set in clear faceted crystal. 300

Christmas Candle: A red Christmas candle with holly and berries at the base set on a basket made up of red and white latticinio canes alternating with green canes. 350


Butterflies: A faceted millefiori weight on a clear base with three small butterflies. 300

Snowdrops: A double overlay in green or red with a small bouquet of snowdrop flowers. 300

Theobroma Cacao: A cocoa bean flower and pods set in a clear faceted weight. 350

Hummingbird: A clear faceted weight featuring a hummingbird feeding from a blue gentian. 300

Magnum Millefiori: A large close packed millefiori weight with many complex and portrait canes. 250

Bald Eagle: An American bald eagle is set in a hollow weight overlaid in ruby7 and faceted. 300

Jockey: Patterned millefiori on a blue ground with a large portrait cane of a horse and jockey. 250

Christmas Rose: A Christmas rose between sprigs of holly7 set on a deep blue ground, with five stars and the word “Noel.” 400


Miniature Butterfly: Butterfly with millefiori wings set in a basket of canes. Miniature. 400

Miniature Patterned: A pink flower and five millefiori canes set on honeycomb canes. Miniature. 400

Small Double Overlay: A Scottish thistle set in a ring of millefiori canes in green or amethyst, faceted. 400

Apples: Two apples and an apple blossom on a twig, set on a deep blue ground, faceted. 200

Bouquet: A bouquet of flowers over a translucent swirl pattern on a blue or amethyst base. 350

Kingfisher: A kingfisher set in the center of a hollow weight, overlaid in pale green, faceted. 250

Upright Flower: A large pink flower above a complex pattern of millefiori set on a ruby or green base, faceted. 250

Christmas Shepherds: Three shepherds in robes of blue, green, and orange gaze at the Star of Bethlehem, set on a dark ground, faceted.

Appendix II

Saint Louis Yearly Editions

The number after each description is the edition size, where known.


Clematis: A lampwork flower in red or pistachio on a blue ground, finished with top and side circular facets. 800

Dahlia: A large lampwork flower in blue, pistachio, or red on a clear ground or with top and side circular facets. 800

Double Overlay Mushroom: Five concentric circles in clear crystal in blue, pistachio, red, or white double overlay with top and side facets. 800


Flat Bouquet: Three clematis-type lampwork flowers in blue, red, and yellow on white enamel ground in clear crystal with top and side circular facets. 400

Iranian Monarchy Sulphide: Surrounded by small canes representing the color of the roses of Iran, on turquoise ground in faceted clear crystal. 1000

Marbrie: A marbrie weight in blue, pistachio, and white. 400

Star-shaped Millefiori: White six-pointed star bordered by red and surrounded by other light- colored millefiori canes on dark blue ground. (400) Also in red, white, blue, or pistachio overlay. (400)

Swirl: Blue and white swirl centered on a signa- ture/date cane. 400

Swirl: A five-color swirl design radiating from a signature/date cane. 400


Carpet Ground: Six millefiori clusters set in a carpet ground. 400

Carpet Ground: Nine concentric circles of corrugated white canes make up this carpet ground weight. 400

Clematis: A lampwork flower with blue and mauve striped petals on a latticinio ground. Faceted. 400

Doily-patterned Millefiori: Six clusters of pale- pink canes on a translucent blue ground. 400

Patterned Millefiori: Spaced canes alternating with rows of lace ribbons on an opaque turquoise ground. 400

Piedouche: Nine close concentric circles of millefiori canes in varying colors. 150

Piedouche: Close packed millefiori canes in assorted colors. 50


Crown: Blue, green, red, yellow, and white bicolored twists alternating with latticinio ribbons. 400

Flower: Five rounded white cane petals, a bud, and five leaves on an opaque orange or pistachio ground. 800

Millefiori Garland: Six alternating white and blue cane loops around a central floret of pink and white canes, on a cardinal red ground. 400

Millefiori-based Penholder: Five close concentric circles of canes in assorted colors. 250

Super Magnum Piedouche: Fifteen close concentric circles of six-pointed star canes in blue, designed by Andre Bourlard. 11


Autun Cathedral Sulphide: A ring of millefiori canes surrounds the sulphide. 400

Dahlia: White lampwork flower with green twoleaved stem on opaque mauve ground. 400

Honeycomb: Red millefiori canes with clear centers. 400

Millefiori Newel Post: Close packed canes in assorted colors. 300

Seal Handle: Red or blue translucent crystal with fine white spirals over a clear crystal disc base. 1000


Cherries on Latticinio Basket: Numerous deep red lampwork cherries on yellow stems with overlapping green leaves. Faceted. 450

Double Overlay Bouquet: Two clematis lampwork flowers in blue and red with green stems and leaves, within a faceted dark blue and white overlay. 450

Hawaiian Millefiori: Turquoise, green, magenta, yellow, and white flower canes in a striped fabric pattern, enclosed in clear crystal. 450

Pompon: A single blue camomile-type flower with three green leaves behind the blossom and a green stem with two leaves at its base, set on a latticinio ground. 450


Crow n Handcooler: Alternating opaque red and white, and blue and white twists and latticinio ribbons. 500

Fuchsia: Lampwork flower in red with two buds, reddish stems and green leaves on a latticinio ground in faceted crystal. 400

General de Gaulle as President of the French Republic Sulphide: Cameo byj. 11. Coeffin, surrounded by small canes, five of w hich depict the Cross of Lorraine, on an opaque green ground. Faceted. 2000

Millefiori: Spaced millefiori canes on a blue ground. 200

General Washington on Horseback: Gold foil inclusion w ith a grouping of thirteen millefiori stars on opaque blue ground in faceted crystal. (650) Also in faceted red and white overlay. (400)

Piedouche: Nine close concentric circles ot millefiori surrounding a central Clichy-type rose, mounted on a latticinio basket with an upper and low er rim of sw irled latticinio. 100

Piedouche: Close packed millefiori canes surrounding a central Clichy-type rose, mounted on a latticinio basket with an upper and lower rim of swirled latticinio. 350

Roses: Two pink Clichy-type roses and a bud with green stems and leaves on a white enameled ground in faceted clear crystal. 400

Roses: Two long stemmed yellow Clichy-type roses and a bud with green stems and leaves on an opaque blue ground in clear crystal. 400

Suita Trading Company Exclusive Limited Edition Sulphide: “Mon” emblem of eight small white discs surrounding a large white disc on a dark blue ground in faceted clear crystal. 500

United States Eagle Sulphide: Cameo by Gilbert Poillerat on a blue ground, in a faceted red and white double overlay. 400


Five-flower Bouquet: Multicolored clematis-type lampwork flowers with green stems and leaves and complex cane centers, encircled by ring of canes on a clear crystal ground with six side facets and one top window. 650

Five-flower Double Overlay: Red, white, and blue clematis-type lampwork flowers with green stems and leaves in a red and white overlay on a star-cut base. 650

General de Gaulle in 1940 Sulphide: Cameo by Gilbert Poillerat, on blue ground in faceted clear crystal or red and white overlay. 700

Four Royal Blue Flowers: Lampwork clematis- type blooms with green stems and leaves and complex center canes on a swirling white latticinio cushion. 650

New el Post: Honeycomb of blown red and yellow-gold canes. .Also made as a crystal-footed magnum weight. 450

Newel Post: Red, white, and blue filigree in clear crystal. Also made as a crystal-footed magnum weight. 450

Millefiori-based Penholder: Red and white random spaced canes on lacy ground. 450

President Carter Sulphide: Cameo by Gilbert Poillerat set on a blue ground in faceted clear crystal. (500) Also made in a faceted red and white double overlay with a star-cut base. (300)

Upright Bouquet: Seven small clematis-type lampwork flowers in dark blue, light blue, red, white, and yellow, surrounded by green foliage on a latticinio ground, encircled by a pink and white torsade. 650


Candlestick with Millefiori Base: Seven close concentric rings of millefiori canes, enclosed in clear crystal as the base of a latticinio candle holder. 100

Carpet Ground: W hite hollow canes with four complex silhouette canes in blue, light blue, green, and red around a central floret.

Millefiori on Lacy Ground: Nine spaced complex canes on the outer rim with four silhouette canes around a central Clichy-tvpe rose. 350

Rose: Sculptured dark pink lampwork rose and bud on mauve ground in faceted clear crystal. 350

Upright Bouquet: Red, white, and blue clematis- type lampwork flowers, surrounded by green leaves on latticinio in faceted clear crystal. 350


Amour Sulphide: Cupid cameo by Gilbert Poil- lerat, conceptual design by Linda Pope-Selman, millefiori canes and lampwork leaves on opaque pink ground, encased in clear crystal. Exclusive limited edition for L. H. Selman Ltd. 400

Blue Cornflower: Two lampwork flowers with green stems and leaves in faceted clear crystal with a star-cut base. An exclusive edition for the Friends of Bergstrom, Neenah, Wisconsin. 250

Encased Double Overlay Upright Bouquet:

Clematis-type flowers with leaves on a latticinio mushroom overlaid in red and white, blue and white, or white and white. 150

Bouquet: Lampwork flowers with cane centers on an amber flash ground, in faceted clear crystal with a diamond-cut base. 450

Encased Double Overlay Mushroom: Millefiori canes drawn into a mushroom, double overlaid in red and white or blue and white, and faceted. 150

Garland of Leaves and Canes: Green lampwork leaves and spaced millefiori canes around the rim of a low-domed, clear crystal weight with a star-cut base. 450

Pears, Cherries, and Plums: Lampwork fruit consisting of two pears, five plums, and six cherries with stems surrounded by leaves on a latticinio basket in faceted clear crystal. 450

Tutankhamen Gold Inclusion: 24-karat gold death mask of the Pharaoh from a medal by Arthus Bertrand Co., Paris, surrounded by a ring of millefiori canes on an opaque turquoise or orange ground. 600


Miniature Swirl: Pink and white with a yellow Clichy-tvpe rose center. 360

Miniature Fruit Weight: Lampwork dark orange pear and three red cherries with yellow stems attached to four green leaves on a white latticinio ground. 400

Pansy: A classic lampwork flower w ith a white cane center and two large upper blue petals, three smaller lower yellow petals, leaves and a stem, set on an upset muslin ground. Encased in clear crystal and finished with alternating short and long leaf-shaped deep facets. 400

Lizard: A hollow blown weight in pink and white double overlay, cut to reveal vines, leaves, and flowers, with a molded and gilded lizard covering the crown. 300

Miniature Candlestick: Swirling w hite latticinio encased in the column with pink twisted latticinio around the top rim and a base of seven close concentric circles of blue, white, and rose canes. 300

Paperw eight Hourglass: Seven close concentric circles of red, white, rose, and green canes, encased in clear crystal, forming the top and base of a sw irling white latticinio sand-filled hourglass. 300

Red Flower on a Royal Blue Ground: Double clematis-type lampwork flower with a white cane center surrounded by green leaves and petal-shaped latticinio enclosed in faceted clear crystal. 400

Mount Washington-type Plaque: Floral bouquet of dahlia-like flowers and buds in various colors and sizes with many green leaves and stems, tied with a bright ribbon. Encased in a 4″ x 6″ x 1 rectangle of clear crystal, waffle-cut sides. 25


Double Overlay .Mushroom: Close concentric millefiori tuft enclosed within a white and green double overlay. 500

Cross Weight: Millefiori canes divided into quadrants by identical canes bordered by latticinio twists. 500

Basket of Flowers: Clichy-inspired basket of latticinio and spiral twists with millefiori cane “flowers.” 500

Bouquet: Stylized lampwork flowers of pink, red, blue, and white, enclosed in clear crystal. 500

Close Millefiori: Many-colored complex millefiori canes set close together and enclosed in clear crystal. 500

Pope John Paul II Sulphid e: Cameo by Gilbert Poillerat, white enamel overlay with gold decoration, on a clear waffle-cut ground. (300) Also set on waffle-cut amber ground. (1000)

Mask of Agamemnon: 24-karat gold medal by Arthus Bertrand Co., Paris, a reproduction of the funeral mask (Archeological Museum of Athens) set on a green ground. (400) Also a special edition made in the shape of a Greek temple, set on a blue ground. (100)


Strawberries: Four ripe strawberries with green leaves set on a bed of white latticinio. 200

Carpet Ground: White stardust canes make up a carpet ground with scattered millefiori in many colors. 200


Double Overlay Bouquet: An upright fountain bouquet of three-dimensional lampwork blooms in a rose-pink and white double overlay. 200

Valentine Bouquet: Lampwork flowers and a millefiori heart is set on a mauve-pink ground. 200

Convolvulus on Latticinio: A red-edged convolvulus set on a white latticinio bed and encased in faceted crystal. 200

Camomile: A lampwork camomile and bud set on a swirling pink latticinio bed. 200

Four-flower Bouquet: A bouquet of blue and white flowers set in clear faceted crystal. 200

Encased Triple Overlay Bouquet: A magnum- size encased triple overlay weight containing an upright lampwork bouquet. 50

Yellow Rose: A lampwork rose and bud with emerald green stems and leaves set against a cobalt blue ground. 200

Wafer Dish with Paperweight Base: Translucent green wafer dish with a wbite torsade rim set on a base of concentric millefiori canes. 200

Montgolfiere: Blue glass over white with gold decoration in shape of hot-air balloon.


Garland with Silhouettes: A garland of millefiori canes intertwines around four silhouette canes, a Saint Louis signature/date cane, and a central complex cane, set on lace. 150

Plums and Leaves: Dark-colored plums on a stem with serrated leaves on a white ground. 150

Yellow Kaleidoscope: A honeycomb pattern of complex millefiori canes set on a yellow ground.

Blue Kaleidoscope: Complex yellow and blue canes arranged in a geometric honeycomb pattern on a royal blue cushion ground. 150

Three-flower Plaque: Reminiscent of the classic Mount Washington plaque, this piece contains a bouquet of many-petaled red, white, and blue clematis-type flowers with complex millefiori stamens set on an opaque white ground. 150

Millefiori Doily: Five circles of millefiori canes arranged on a dark orange cushion ground. 450

Miniature Primrose: Pale pink rose and bud with green stem and leaves on a light blue ground. 150


Piedouche Basket of Fruit: Multicolored fruit including cherries, plums, and pears, rest on a latticinio ground in this pedestal weight fashioned after a classic Saint Louis design. 250

White and Red Bouquet: YYTiite clematis with red-tipped petals and complex millefiori stamens are set over a pale blue latticinio ground. 250

Fantasie: A blue layer is pierced with trefoils to reveal a yellow ground. 250

Holly: A sprig of holly with bright red berries and scalloped green leaves set on a royal blue opaque ground. 250

Miniature Cherries: Three red cherries with stems and leaves set on a latticinio ground. Faceted. 250

Basket of Fruit: A three-dimensional white latticinio basket with a variety of colorful fruit in relief. 250

Perfume Bottle: Spaced millefiori on lace make up the base of the latticinio bottle. 250


Tricolor Bouquet: Red, white, and blue flowers with stamens of stardust cane clusters set over a clear ground. 250

Statue of Liberty’: A gold foil inclusion encircled by white star canes on a turquoise ground. 50

Spray of Flowers: Tiny red-tipped bellflowers with green stems and leaves set on a brilliant blue ground.250

Orange Bellflowers: Three white-edged orange flowers with a bud and green leaves set over a clear ground. 250

Miniature Primrose: A pale pink primrose and bud with deep green stem and leaves set on a blue ground. 250

Blue Carpet Ground: A carpet ground of green and blue hollow canes is the backdrop for five pastel complex canes surrounding a large complex center cane. 250


Millefiori Cross: Panels of complex canes fill the four quadrants in this weight modeled after an extremely rare Saint Louis antique. 250

Bouquet on Latticinio: Blue clematis-type flowers with complex stamens and signature/date cane, green stems and leaves set on a white latticinio ground. 250

Double Overlay Mushroom: Mushroom of blue, amber, white, and red concentric canes encased in a brilliant yellow-over-white overlay. 250

Yellow Primrose: A yellow primrose with white stardust stamens, green leaves and stem, clear ground. 250

Encased Double Overlay: An upright bouquet in a red-over-white overlay with three panels of animal silhouettes cut out of the white overlay. 25


Encased Overlay with Upright Bouquet: Cobalt flowers and green leaves lorm a bouquet set in cobalt and white panel overlay. 25

Spiral Millefiori on Red Ground: Single spiral of complex canes, separated by green leaves, set on a tomato-red ground. 400

Concentric Millefiori: Complex canes form off- center concentric circles in alternating sections of white anil orange. 400

Green Honeycomb: Green millefiori canes with clear centers, central signature/date cane. 400

Checkerboard Millefiori on Green Ground:

Lines of white latticinio and orange-brown complex canes weave to form checkerboard set on green ground. 400

Millefiori w ith Filigree: Carpets of white complex canes with white filigree on blue ground. 400

Flowers on YYTiite Ground: Upright crocus-like flowers in brilliant colors with green leaves set on white ground. 400

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