Is it Summer yet? 

It nearly feels like it in Chicago, we hope everyone is thawing nicely. In case not, we have a new booklet with fresh designs hot out-the kiln!

We traveled north for paperweights recently. A new face for our website has arrived, Christina Callahan from Canada. We know you’ll welcome her!. (Check out her bio under on artists page!)

Another northern artist who always lights our fire has delivered fresh designs and the quality craftsmanship you’ve become accustomed to… Twists Glass talisman Mike Hunter.

There are of course more friends joining these northerners, so page through the booklet (have a look at the graphic above depicting all the booklet paperweights), scroll endlessly through our web inventory until the north winds call you’re name… then hurry back south where we hope it’s warmed up!

After paging through the booklet, click New Arrivals to see more images and videos of each piece.