School Daze Remembered : The Official SUPERABUNDANT End of Summer… but Totally Not Ready for Fall Celebration Brochure!!


Okay Glass Lovers, did any of you, also wake up in a panic, thinking you were late for the door on the first day of class today? Well you can exhale because you’re not required to be anywhere today…except maybe work, the gym, a dentist appointment downtown, or on the phone reminding your own children to get their children up and ready for school.  All of which still leaves you time for the important things, foremost among them being The Superabundant End of Summer Brochure Celebration, which continues unabated with the LH Selman Gallery’s fun-packed bundle of handcrafted treasures also known as the finest glass paperweights anywhere.  New designs by many of your favorite performers, such as Damon, Dave, Clinton, Ken, – are nestled among delightful antiques and a fine selection of artworks from our shelves at newly enticing prices!  So after an initial release in actual, classic print form, we shared the publication’s bounty with you all on our new website!  But we know the many school bells of life can distract you, so this is your reminder to ignore them all and take a moment for yourself…with us!  Thank You!