The winter of 2016 has arrived in Chicago. With it comes change to our gallery. We have new designs which can be found on our website, as well as new collections which have been set aside for placement in our upcoming 2016 Auctions.

One change comes with a heavy heart. Most of you have gotten to know Alexis Magaro over the years since the new LHS team took over 6 years ago. She has been an amazing talent that we have been fortunate to have on board. As you have now guessed, Alexis has chosen to pursue her other passions at this stage of her life, formally retiring as of January 1st. She has insisted that she wants to remain in contact with the friends she has made in our community, so please reach out to her at if you miss her as much as we will.

2016 holds with it a significant amount of traveling so we will be busy through till summer with PCA chapter meeting visits and the always exciting Wheaton Paperweight Festival. We will have with us some of our favorite artists as well as several hundred of your favorite designs.

As always we love to hear from you. Our gallery in Chicago, while a bit drafty at the moment, is anxiously awaiting your visit. We hope to announce in the coming months an exciting reason for you to come visit us later this fall… so stay tuned.

This is set to be an amazing year for us. We hope to see you somewhere along the dusty trail, or here at home in Chicago. We thank you in advance for what we hope will be a year of positivity and exciting challenges. It is an honor to have your business and friendship, we hope to catch up with you soon. Cheers to 2016!

Warm wishes,
-Ben Clark

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