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410 S. Michigan Ave., Suite #207, Chicago, IL 60605

Jared DeLong

In 1973, Jared DeLong was born at home in the Santa Cruz Mountains. His benevolent parents raised him, keeping him grounded in the surrounding redwood forest and cultivated his free spirit. Jared was first introduced to the demanding medium of glass at an early age, working alongside his mother cutting stained glass. Encouraged by a schoolteacher, Jared began to recognize his love for art and the need for expression.

Intimidated but not discouraged, Jared introduced himself to Lundberg Studios to seek employment. During this humbling period, DeLong observed artists while he swept up around the studio. He loved every aspect of the hot-shop environment: the sounds of tools, the smells of burning cherry wood and the medium itself as an inspiration. He accepting a job as Assistant to the Cold Shop Manager. It wasn’t where he wanted to spend his career, but it helped him establish the way he would think and work with glass.

In 2000, Jared moved to Trinidad, California where he started Lost Coast Glass and had a successful partnership creating paperweights for the L.H. Selman Gallery. Many professional opportunities began to rise such as teaching and attending classes at the Niijima International School of Glass, in Japan, and Venice, Italy. The cultural experiences combined with his love for nature fuel his creativity.

DeLong continues to live and work with his wife in Trinidad; together they manage the Lost Coast Gallery.

Personal Statement: This delicate art of hot and cold glass simply humbles me and I am grateful to create with both. Overall, my artwork is an attempt to provoke the truth within myself and hopefully reflect in you.