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William Manson

William Manson Paperweights Studio was founded in July 1997 by William Senior and his wife Joyce, joined by their son William and daughter Carolyn. With more than 30 years of glassmaking experience behind him, William Senior is regarded as Scotland's leading glass artist. His son, William, is rapidly gaining experience and is recognized by paperweight collectors and dealers as a very talented young artist in his own right. Using age old techniques, backed by state-of-the-art equipment at their studio in Perth, the artists at William Manson Paperweights are creating limited edition glass paperweights of exquisite beauty. Their range of lampwork designs include flowers, insects, reptiles and fish. Every paperweight created at the studio bears the artists signature cane, they are also signed in script on the base, numbered, dated and finally inspected again for quality - even the tiniest flaw will result in the paperweight being consigned to the scrap bin. The artists at William Manson will not compromise on quality. At the William Manson Paperweight Studio, every stage of creating these superb paperweights is carried out in-house, ensuring quality control unequaled by any other studio, earning the studio the right to boast membership of The Guild of Master Craftsmen. This commendation is only awarded to makers of products of the finest quality. Paperweights, sometimes in editions as low as 5, produced at the William Manson Studio are eagerly sought after by collectors worldwide for their innovative design, artistic beauty and collectability. Examples of Manson Paperweights can be found in galleries around the world, in the collections of famous museums, diplomats and royals.