Paul Stankard "Emily Dickinson's Bouquet" all-over flowers orb. by Paul Stankard*








***Paul Stankard "Emily Dickinson's Bouquet" all-over flowers orb. Paul Stankard dedicated this orb to the great American poet and was inspired to begin to explore what he calls "the celestial realm," with flowers created in a high-keyed palette of reassuring off-whites, translucent blues and delicate pinks. In this new direction, the artist has subdued the usual supporting earth tones in favor of a celebration of ethereal brilliance. The spirit and beauty of light is the main focus. A light-colored moss anchors the celebratory arrangement - and several pods (including a pomegranate-like pod) provide not only tonal contrast but the promise of more life to come. Diameter 3 7/8". Signature cane in cursive.