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Jim D'Onofrio 2001 "Garden's Delight" paperweight. by Jim D'Onofrio

Jim D'Onofrio 2001 'Garden's Delight' paperweight. by Jim D'Onofrio
  • Artist: Jim D'Onofrio
  • Category: Easter
  • Medium: Easter
  • $875
  • Scancode: DO379LD

  • Jim D'Onofrio 2001 “Garden's Delight” rabbit paperweight. Working alone, an intrepid white bunny, with one black ear, considers his options in the midst of a promising batch of varied vegetables, including carrots, turnips, an eggplant, squash, red pepper, radish and a turnip. Forest green ground. Signed/dated. Diameter 3 1/2".

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