Brand New Website!

Aug 15, 2014 - Sep 29, 2014

Welcome to our new website! You can buy paperweights, sell your collection, easily search paperweights from our past auctions, and even set up your very own virtual paperweight collection right on our website. 

We created our new website to provide you with a helpful resource that can assist you in researching and collecting paperweights.   

We hope you enjoy the new design and we look forward to your feedback, because this is just the first of many steps we plan to make towards improving your online paperweight collecting experience!

Viewing Paperweights

We’ve completely overhauled how you can view paperweights on our new website. You can now see which paperweights are available from each artist using 3 different ways: as a List, as a "Lightbox", or as a “Thumbnail”.

A slideshow of every paperweight for sale is easily accessible from the homepage. The slideshow is a great way to share paperweights with other people.

We’ve also made it easier to make purchases from our website, and, as always, our site site is SSL certified and 100% secure.


We’ve set up a page to enable you to upload photos of the paperweights you would like to sell along with your contact information, which will help us respond promptly with our evaluation and advice on the best way for you to proceed.  There is also a page describing our services so you can better understand why, for over 40 years, we continue to be the #1 place to sell your paperweights. 

Create virtual "Collections"

Virtual "Collections” can be a fun new feature. You can create a collection of a any kind of paperweight you like; e.g., millefiori, blue, antique, wish list,  etc., and, then as you’re browsing, add additional photos to your virtual collection with the push of a button.  We hope you enjoy being able to organize your favorites into easy to retrieve, easy to curate, virtual collections.